Sunday, June 10, 2018

Vintage Sewing Baskets, Boxes and Needle Books

I love old antique sewing boxes and baskets, notions, needle books and cases and just about anything that pertains to I sew?  Very little!  I don't really have the patience to be good at it.  Maybe that's why I like all the pretty boxes and baskets so much...they look so pretty when they aren't in use! 😏

The Victorian boxes with their gorgeous tools and fancy decorations are undeniably some of the prettiest you'll ever find and lots of French tools are made of silver and ivory.  Fancy boxes and baskets can be found in most every style and size.  But my absolute favorites are the American ones whether homemade or purchased, that are filled with a lady's favorite notions that she used.  I like to see the half filled needle books and the button cards that have 2 left out of 5 on the card, the wooden spools of thread that are half full, tiny scissors for handwork and bits of lace and trim.  These are the ones that allow me to appreciate how much love and attention someone gave to their family.  

People don't sew as much these days as women did in the 20th century but that doesn't mean it should be forgotten.  I have a basket that has all the essentials for sewing on buttons, mending small rips and tears, hemming a pair of pants...and when I do these things I can appreciate all the women who did so much more with their baskets!  

We have a Pinterest board dedicated to the wonderful baskets, boxes and needle books of the past. 

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